Garlic - Favorite Healing Herb

For thousands of years the Chinese people have known of the benefit of garlic to their health. So in China garlic apart from being used to flavor food is also traditionally used in teas and folk remedies.

The reason for using garlic is that it is one of natureís strongest immune system boosters as well as being a powerful antibiotic and helps the digestive system and increase a personís libido.

Garlic is not just for flavoring; it plays a document role in disease prevention. Nutritional supplements containing garlic can have substantial health benefits. One substance in garlic, allicin, has antibacterial properties. These can be destroyed by cooking, so nutritional supplements are a good alternative to eating raw garlic.

Nutritional research into supplements suggests that eating a clove of garlic a day has health benefits. If you take nutritional supplements containing Vitamin C, nutritional supplements containing Vitamin E, and nutritional supplements containing selenium, you may be surprised to learn that garlic naturally has all these antioxidants.

Below are provided a list of the health and medicinal benefits of taking garlic.

1. It is great for enhancing a persons immune system
2. It contains great anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
3. Also contains anti-fungal properties which are especially effective for treating yeast infections and Candida
4. Can clear boils and infected sores
5. Improves a persons appetite
6. Will aid a persons digestive system (but you must eat several raw cloves a day)
7. Will expel intestinal parasites and worms from the body
8. Can reduce high cholesterol levels

Cooked garlic will not have as much benefit as raw and whole garlic cloves have little benefit at all. Another way to incorporate garlic into your meals without cooking is to make a garlic bread where you crush the gloves into a paste and toast bread - butter the toasted bread and spread the garlic on it - Yum!