Diet and nutrition

Maybe you eat more food every time you think about going on a diet and you are binging and sabotaging yourself at every turn.

You may think you are abnormal because so many people have achieved their ideal weight and you would be the only person who has consistenly failed(but is over now).

I know these feeling very well.They are a ticket to a vicious circle and once you are in it is not easy to get out again(except for you now).

If you have been on diet after diet,lost weight and put it on again later,you realized that it takes more than willpower to maintain your ideal weight successfully.

Even if you know perfectly well what to eat and even if you exercise regulary,this does not mean that you lose your weight(or maintain your weight loss successfully).Often these action come out of an obligation.You feel that you have to do eat this,you have to exercise you have to do many things to lose your weight.This seems to be very hard and to be quite honest;I dont't know anyone who maintained his lost weight with such a pressure on him.
Most weight loss products are dangerous for you health,I woludnt put everything in my mouth that I get form catching products.

Here are the links to the 2 programs we do recommend:

Zone Diet
Sonoma Diet